About Me

The written word has always been a passion for me, from the magic of children's books to the rhythms of my favorite poets.  As a child, I was always writing stories and journals. I was passionate about language, and I was often the last one standing at the spelling bee. In 2017, I brought this passion together with a desire to help court reporters in need of a proofreading specialist and started my business, Precision Proofreading.

My Clients

You, as court reporters, turn the spoken word into print while transcribing at up to 250 words per minute or more. This is a challenging task! The spoken word is often littered with wrong words, hesitations, jumbled words, and sometimes nearly inaudible words. This makes your job messy to say the least. After hours of transcribing, your job is not done. There is still scoping, final proofreading, and more.  Allow me to take one of those tasks out of your busy life and into my hands

What I Do

I will carefully proofread your document one word at a time. I look at both content and punctuation while seeking out incorrect spelling; double words or transposed words; consistent formatting; and consistency of names, exhibit numbers, etc., throughout the transcript. Let's collaborate to provide your clients with that quality end product that they expect.