My Process

  • Please contact me for details on proofreading in Case CATalyst.
  • For PDF proofreading, email your transcripts to me in a .pdf format.
  • You can download a free PDF converter by clicking on this link: CutePDF. Be sure to choose the "Writer" when you download.
  • I will return only the annotated pages. Corrections and suggested changes will be highlighted in yellow and/or typed in red font.
  • You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from this link: Adobe Reader. You will not be able to view my corrections from a preview or default reader, so please be sure to use the link provided

Billing and Payment Options

  • For one-time jobs, an invoice will be sent upon completion of the job.
  • For repeat clients, billing is every two weeks.
  • Payments received after 21 days of invoice date may incur a 10% fee of the total invoice.
  • You may pay through PayPal, Google Wallet, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.